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SDAL13 V/U shape head Auricular forceps

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Before beginning surgery, it is critical to ensure that all necessary equipment is properly sterilized and ready for use. This includes sterilizing ear defect forceps and ear canal forceps with a medical-grade disinfectant. Proper sterility of equipment is essential to prevent infection and ensure piglet safety.

  • Material: stainless steel
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    Choose the right method: You can choose the large arrangement method or the nested arrangement method according to the specific requirements and preferences of the operator. These methods refer to the pattern of playing ear horns. It is important to choose and follow one of these methods carefully to ensure clear identification and easy management of piglets. Practice Precision: The operator should practice precision and care when trumpeting. Impingement on the two long pieces of cartilage and major blood vessels inside the ear must be avoided. Accurate placement of ear holes will result in clearly visible and identifiable marks that will facilitate future management of piglets. Check for missing ears: After the initial ear piercing is performed, it is important to carefully inspect and make sure that the missing ear has been removed. If any remnants of the missing ear are found, it should be carefully removed to prevent any complications or infection. Disinfection and Hemostasis: Once the missing ear is removed, both ears must be disinfected to minimize the risk of infection. 

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    Disinfecting with a medical-grade disinfectant will help kill any remaining bacteria and keep the wound clean. In addition, if severe bleeding is found, appropriate hemostatic measures should be taken. This may involve applying pressure, using hemostatic agents, or seeking veterinary help if necessary. Post-operative care: Following treatment for ear defects, it is critical to monitor piglets for any signs of discomfort or infection. Regular observation and follow-up care, such as topical antiseptic ointment, can help prevent infection and facilitate the healing process. Overall, the process of treating ear defects in piglets requires careful preparation and execution to ensure the animal's welfare and health. Following proper hygiene protocols, practicing precision, and providing adequate postoperative care are all important steps in ensuring successful and safe ear defect treatment.
    Package: Each piece with one box,100 pieces with export carton.

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