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SDAL41 Ear Tag Removal Pliers

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Ear Tag Removal Pliers are a reliable and efficient tool specially designed for removing animal ear tags. These pliers come with a set of precision-engineered ear tips for quick and easy cutting. The earbuds are sharp and cut through the tags effortlessly, making the whole process efficient and hassle-free.

  • Size: L16cm
  • Weight: 110g
  • Material: plastic + SS201
  • Use: Mainly used for cutting animal ear labels, and can also be used as a manual tail cutting pliers.
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    One of the key features of these pliers is the thickened jaw design. This design ensures that the label stays securely in place while cutting, preventing any slippage or movement that could cause inaccurate cuts. The tiger jaw design also makes it easier to properly position the pliers on the tag, reducing the chance of accidental injury or animal damage. The middle spring design of the ear tag pliers adds to its convenience and ease of use. The spring rebounds quickly after cutting, minimizing downtime and enabling the user to quickly move on to the next label. This design feature saves time and effort, especially if a large number of labels need to be removed. Also, the handles of the pliers are made of durable plastic material. This material provides a comfortable grip, ensuring a firm grip during handling. 

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    Plus, the plastic handle provides better control and minimizes hand fatigue, helping to prevent handling errors. The handle design also enhances the overall safety of the pliers, reducing the risk of hands slipping or accidents during use. In conclusion, ear tag removal pliers are an essential tool for efficient and accurate removal of ear tags. The combination of sharp ear tips, thickened jaw design, quick return spring and ergonomic plastic handle ensure a seamless and secure marking experience. These forceps are designed to streamline processes and minimize operator errors, ultimately increasing productivity and ensuring animal welfare.

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