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SDAL16 Stainless steel Cow Nose Ring

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Wearing a bull nose ring (bullwhip) for a cow has the following advantages: Increase Cattle Control: The bull nose collar can be attached to a rope or chain, allowing ranch workers to better control and guide cattle. When the cattle need to be moved, checked or treated, the nose ring ensures that the cattle will not move too violently, ensuring the safety of the staff and the cattle. Ease of Veterinary Operation: Bull nose coils play an important role in the veterinary industry.

  • Material: stainless steel
  • Size: 3”*10mm
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    For conditions that require medication, tooth extraction, or other treatment, the cow nose ring enables the veterinarian to control and operate the cattle more easily, reducing interaction and potential hazards between the cow and the veterinarian. This helps to improve the effectiveness of diagnosis and treatment. Facilitate the safe transportation of cattle: Transportation is an important link, especially during long-distance transportation or transfer from one place to another pasture. By attaching the nose collar to the tether, transporters can better control and manage the movement of the cattle, ensuring they reach their destination safely and reducing the risk of injury. Promotes intensive housing and management: Bullnose pens are also used for intensive housing and management on some farms and ranches. When cattle need to be concentrated in one area, the nose ring can be used as a means of concentrating and guiding the cattle, ensuring they can move collectively, in and out of pasture or pens, when required. 

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    Ease of reproduction control: For breeding farms and farms, reproduction control is an important management task. By wearing a cow nose ring, the breeder can more easily guide the cow to the breeding area, or perform breeding control measures on it to ensure high-quality breeding and management benefits of the pasture. To sum up, the main purpose of wearing bull nose rings for cattle is to increase the control of cattle and facilitate the operation and management of ranch staff. Proper use and proper training can ensure that they cause minimal impact on cattle comfort and welfare, and improve the effectiveness of veterinary operations, transport safety and pasture management.

    Package: Each piece with one box,100 pieces with export carton

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