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Soft headed animal electronic thermometer

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Animal electronic thermometer is an essential tool for monitoring animal health. These thermometers offer a convenient and flexible tip design, making them easy to use on a variety of animals.

  • Size: 122 x 17 x 10mm 
  • Weight: 20 x 7.5mm
  • Temperature range: Range:90°F-109.9°F±2°F or 32°C-43.9°C±1°C
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    The LCD display ensures that temperature readings are clear and easy to read, even in low light conditions. Additionally, a buzzer feature helps alert the user when a temperature reading is complete. One of the main advantages of electronic animal thermometers is the accuracy and precision with which they measure body temperature. They provide reliable and consistent temperature readings, allowing accurate monitoring of animal health. By checking body temperature regularly, potential diseases can be detected in time. An elevated body temperature can be an early sign of illness or infection, and by catching these signs early, appropriate treatment can be started immediately, increasing the chances of a speedy recovery. Early detection of disease is critical to preventing the spread of infection among animals. Timely identification of sick animals allows isolation and appropriate treatment, reducing the risk of disease spreading to other herds or flocks. Animal thermometers provide the data necessary to make informed decisions in animal health management, including quarantine measures, vaccinations, and drug administration. Additionally, these thermometers help lay the groundwork for early recovery from illness. By regularly monitoring body temperature, changes in temperature trends can be observed, indicating improvement or deterioration in the animal's condition.

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    Like other clinical signs, temperature readings can guide veterinarians and animal care staff in adjusting treatment plans and assessing the effectiveness of interventions. The ease of use and portability of electronic animal thermometers make them suitable for use in a variety of animal species and production settings. Whether on a farm, veterinary clinic or research facility, these thermometers provide a reliable tool for maintaining animal health and welfare.

    Package: Each piece with color box ,400 pieces with export carton.

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