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SDAL10 2cr13 stainless steel Pet scissors

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Just like humans, pets require regular nail care to maintain their overall health and well-being. Long nails in pets can cause all kinds of problems and discomfort, so it’s crucial for pet owners to trim them. One of the main reasons for trimming your pet’s nails regularly is to prevent overgrowth.

  • Material: 2CR13 stainless steel with PP handle
  • Size: L190*W47*H19mm
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    When the nails get too long, they curl and grow into the soft pads of the claws. This can cause pain, discomfort, and even infection. Trimming the nails to the proper length can avoid this problem and ensure that the pet can walk and move comfortably. Pets' long nails also pose a risk of accidental scratches. This is especially true for households with children or other pets. By keeping your nails short, the chances of accidental scratches and injuries are greatly reduced. Additionally, regular nail trimming can prevent damage to household items by eliminating the possibility of nails getting caught in carpet or furniture. Additionally, long nails can alter a pet's natural gait, causing joint and muscle problems. Over time, pets may develop problems such as arthritis or joint discomfort due to increased pressure on the extremities. Regular nail trimming can help maintain healthy posture and prevent such complications. Also, trimming nails is part of good pet hygiene. Long nails can collect dirt, debris, and even feces, which can lead to infection and odor. By keeping nails short, pet owners can ensure better cleanliness and prevent unwanted health problems. In conclusion, regular trimming of your pet's nails is essential for their comfort, safety, and overall health. It prevents overgrowth, reduces the risk of scratches and injuries, maintains correct gait and posture, and promotes better hygiene. We encourage pet owners to get into the habit of getting their nails trimmed regularly, or seek professional help, to ensure their furry pets are always groomed.
    Package: Each piece with one poly bag,12 pieces with middle box,144 pieces with export carton.

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