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SDAL36 Marker Foot Straps For Cattle

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Marker foot straps for cattle made of PVC material offer a range of benefits that help facilitate efficient and effective cattle management. The PVC material used in these straps has been specially selected for its exceptional softness and exceptional durability. This ensures that the straps can withstand the rigors of the cattle industry without breaking or becoming damaged easily.

  • Size: 360*40*30mm
  • Weight: 38g 
  • Material: TPU 
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    In addition, the PVC material is highly resistant to extreme temperatures, making it suitable for year-round use. Whether it's hot summer or cold winter, these straps are unaffected, maintaining their strength and function over time. This elasticity is especially important as it guarantees that the strap will perform its function reliably no matter what environmental conditions it is exposed to. The use of buckle design further enhances the functionality and practicality of these straps. Buckles are engineered to hold the strap securely to the corbel ensuring the strap stays in place even during animal movement. This minimizes the risk of the strap slipping or falling off, preventing potential accidents or inconvenience to animals and farmers. 

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    Another noteworthy feature of these marker foot straps is their reusability. The straps can be easily removed once the cows have outgrown or are no longer needed, and the buckle design further simplifies this process. Additionally, the straps can be adjusted by loosening or tightening the buckle, allowing for customization to the cow's size and comfort. These marker foot straps made of PVC material provide a durable, temperature resistant and user friendly solution for cattle management. Their softness and resistance to breakage guarantee their longevity, ensuring they can withstand the demands of cattle operations. The buckle design ensures a secure fit while being easy to use and adjust. With these advantages, farmers can effectively use these straps to improve their cattle management practices and overall operational efficiency.

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