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SDCM04 Stainless steel surface NdFeB magnet

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The rounded edges of the stainless steel surface NdFeB magnets play an important role in protecting the cow’s stomach from damage. When cattle swallow metal objects such as nails or wires, it can cause serious damage to the digestive system. The rounded edges of the magnets ensure that there are no sharp corners or edges that could pierce or scratch the delicate inner lining of the cow’s stomach.

  • Dimensions:  1/2" dia. x 3" long.
  • Material: NdFeB magnet with Stainless steel surface.
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     This helps minimize the risk of internal injury and complications. In addition to the protective design, the magnet's stainless steel finish enhances its durability and longevity. Stainless steel is known for its excellent resistance to corrosion, rust and general wear. This ensures that the magnets can withstand the harsh and demanding environments found on ranches and farms without losing their functionality or effectiveness. The stainless steel finish also helps keep the magnet surface clean and free from contamination, which contributes to its long-lasting performance. Stainless steel surface NdFeB magnets have gained worldwide recognition as an effective therapy for cattle hardware diseases. Hardware disease occurs when cows accidentally ingest metal objects that can become lodged in their digestive system and cause serious health problems. By using magnets, these metal objects are held firmly to the surface of the magnets, preventing them from causing further damage as they pass through the cow's system. This helps reduce the symptoms of hardware disease and promotes the overall well-being and health of the cattle. Moreover, the high-quality NdFeB material used in the magnet ensures its strong adsorption capacity. NdFeB magnets are known for their excellent magnetic properties, making them very effective at attracting and holding various metallic substances.

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    This ensures that the magnets can effectively capture and dislodge any metallic objects ingested by the cows, further reducing the risk of injury to the animals. Overall, stainless steel surface NdFeB magnets are a reliable and durable solution to protect cattle from the dangers of hardware diseases. Its rounded edges provide vital protection for the cow's stomach, while the stainless steel finish enhances its durability and corrosion resistance. With its advanced magnetic technology and strong adsorption capacity, the magnet has become a widely used and effective treatment for bovine hardware diseases, providing valuable protection and promoting the overall health and well-being of these animals.

     Package: 12 Pieces with one middle box, 30 boxes with export carton.

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