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SDWB05 Stainless Steel Feeder

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The stainless steel round basin trough is a common feeding equipment, which has many advantages in the feeding process of pigs. First of all, stainless steel has excellent corrosion resistance. Since pigs are often exposed to various feed, water and detergents during the feeding process, it is necessary to choose feeding equipment with good corrosion resistance.

  • Dimensions: Diameter 30cm×Deep 5cm-Normal deep Diameter 30cm×Deep 6.5cm-Special deep
  • Material: Stainless steel 304.
  • Hook: With J hook or W hook
  • Handle Cap: Zinc Alloy Or Plastic steel Handle
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    The stainless steel round basin trough can resist the corrosion of various acidic or alkaline substances, and is not easy to rust or corrode, which can ensure the long-term service life of the feed trough. Secondly, the stainless steel material has excellent hygienic properties. For pigs, the quality of sanitary conditions plays a key role in their growth and health. Compared with other feeding equipment, the stainless steel round pot trough is easy to clean and disinfect, reduces the growth of pathogenic microorganisms, bacteria and parasites, reduces the risk of disease transmission, and ensures the health of pigs. Third, the stainless steel round pot trough has good wear resistance and impact resistance. In the process of raising pigs, pigs will only use their mouths and hooves to forage, and there will often be intense foraging behaviors, and the feed trough will often suffer from friction and impact. The stainless steel material has high hardness and wear resistance, which can effectively resist the chewing and impact force of pigs, and is not easy to be damaged and deformed, so as to ensure the long-term use of feed. 

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    In addition, the stainless steel round pot trough also has high stability and reliability. Through a good design and manufacturing process, the stainless steel trough can provide stable support and fixation, and is not easy to fall or fall over, ensuring the safety of pigs during the feeding process. Finally, the stainless steel round basin trough also has a good appearance and long-lasting color. Due to the high gloss and oxidation resistance of the stainless steel itself, the surface of the trough can maintain a long-term brightness and hygiene, and is not easy to attach pollutants and odors, providing a good breeding environment. To sum up, the stainless steel round pot trough has many advantages such as corrosion resistance, good sanitation, wear resistance, impact resistance, high stability and long-lasting appearance. It is an efficient, safe and healthy feeding equipment in the pig breeding process, which can improve the feeding efficiency, increase the growth rate and feeding quality of pigs, reduce the incidence of diseases, and promote the sustainable development of the breeding industry.

    Package: Each piece with one polybag, 6 pieces with export carton.

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