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SDWB16-2 Stainless steel/Metal Chicken Feeder

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Metal Bucket Chicken Feeder (Metal Bucket Chicken Feeder) is a common feeding equipment that has many advantages in poultry raising. First, the Metal Bucket Chicken Feeder is made of metal material for excellent durability and durability. The metal bucket is resistant to friction and impact in daily use, and is not easily damaged or deformed. This characteristic guarantees a long service life of the feeder and improves the economy and reliability of the equipment. Secondly, the metal bucket chicken feeder has a reasonable design and good protection performance.

  • Material: Zinc Metal/SS201/SS304
  • Capacity: 9KG/12KG/15KG/20KG
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    The shell of the feeder can effectively prevent the invasion of flying insects, birdpeckers and other external animals and pests, and can keep the feed dry and hygienic. This helps reduce the risk of disease and infection and provides a healthy breeding environment. Third, the metal bucket chicken feeder has the feature of adjustable feed amount. By setting the opening size of the feed trough, the breeder can adjust the supply of feed according to the needs and age of the chickens, so that the feed trough can provide an appropriate amount of feed, avoiding the waste of feed and the problem of overfeeding. In addition, the metal bucket chicken feeder has the advantage of being easy to clean and maintain. The metal material has a smooth surface, which is not easy to absorb and breed bacteria, and can be cleaned easily. Its simple structure and disassembly design make cleaning and maintenance more convenient and efficient. Finally, the Metal Bucket Chicken Feeder has a compact design that takes up less space, making it suitable for use in limited feeding environments.


    It can be placed in different positions of the poultry house to ensure that the chickens can easily obtain the feed, reducing the waste and scattering of feed. To sum up, the metal bucket chicken feeder has many advantages such as durability, protection, adjustable feed amount, easy cleaning and maintenance, etc. This kind of feeder can improve feeding efficiency, reduce feed waste, increase the growth speed and feeding quality of chickens, and is a high-quality equipment commonly used in poultry feeding.

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