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SDWB23 Galvanized Iron Poultry Feeder

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A very effective feeder especially made for fowl is the galvanized iron chicken feeder. This feeder can accommodate several birds’ feeding requirements while combining ease and utility. First, the Galvanized Iron Poultry Feeder is built of galvanized iron, which guarantees its robustness and resistance to corrosion. This indicates that the feeder is made to last and will withstand the elements, whether they are present indoors or out. Additionally, this feeder features ten feeding ports that can be used concurrently by numerous birds. The amount of food the birds need to eat can fit through each feed opening.

  • Size: 30.7×30.5×40.2CM
  • Weight: 3.3KG
  • Material: Galvanized sheet iron
  • Feature: Easy to eat & Galvanized Steel Material & Ten Feed Position
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    This design takes into account the social and dietary needs of the poultry, avoids competition and crowding among the poultry, and ensures that they have a balanced access to feed. Galvanized Iron Poultry Feeder also pays special attention to the design for easy cleaning and maintenance. There are no bumps or crevices inside the feeder, making cleaning easier. Simply open the lid of the feeder, pour out the remaining feed, and rinse with clean water. This is extremely convenient for breeders, can save time and energy, and improve work efficiency.

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    This layout accounts for the social and nutritional requirements of the poultry, prevents competition and overcrowding, and guarantees that they have equal access to feed. Galvanized Iron Poultry Feeder gives careful consideration to a design that is simple to clean and maintain. Cleaning the feeder is simpler because there are no lumps or gaps within. Simply remove any residual feed from the feeder, open the lid, and rinse the inside with fresh water. Breeders will find this to be quite useful, since it can help them save time and effort and increase productivity. Additionally, the top of the feeder has a sizable cover that can successfully keep out rains, pollutants, and insects. 

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