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SDCM02 Heavy Duty Metal Cow Magnet

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The cow stomach magnet is a specially designed tool that can help the cow digestive system digest and ingest metal substances. Herbivorous animals like cows sometimes accidentally eat metal objects, such as wire or nails, while eating. These metal substances may cause digestive problems and even penetrate the stomach wall, causing serious health problems.

  • Dimensions: D17.5×78mm
  • Material: ABS plastic cage with Y30 magnets  
  • Description: Round edge protect the cow stomach from damage.Used worldwide as an effective remedy for hardware disease.
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    The function of a cow stomach magnet is to attract and concentrate these metal substances through its magnetism, thereby reducing the risk of cows accidentally consuming metals. This tool is usually made of strong magnetic materials and has sufficient appeal. The cow stomach magnet is fed to the cow and then enters the stomach through the cow's digestion process. Once the cow stomach magnet enters the cow stomach, it begins to attract and collect surrounding metal substances. These metal substances are firmly fixed to the surface by magnets to prevent further damage to the digestive system of cows. When the magnet is expelled from the body along with the adsorbed metal material, veterinarians can remove it through surgery or other methods. 

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    Cattle stomach magnets are widely used in the livestock industry, especially in cattle herds. It is considered a low-cost, effective, and relatively safe solution that can reduce the health risks associated with cow ingestion of metal substances. However, the use of bovine stomach magnets still requires caution, must be carried out under the guidance of a veterinarian, and must follow the correct usage methods and operating procedures. Generally speaking, cow stomach magnets are a widely used tool in the livestock industry to absorb metal substances accidentally ingested by cows and reduce the risk to their health. It is an effective measure to help farmers protect the digestive system of cattle from metal substances and maintain the overall health of the herd.

    Package: 25 Pieces with one middle box, 8 boxes with export carton.

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