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SDCM01 Plastic Cage Cow Magnet

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In addition to providing protection and optimizing the performance of the magnet, the plastic cage design of the cow stomach magnet has several other key advantages. First, the plastic cage ensures the lightweight properties of the magnet. This lightweight feature is critical as it allows farmers and livestock owners to easily carry and manipulate the magnets when using them with their cows. The lightweight design also makes it more comfortable for cows to swallow the magnets, minimizing any potential discomfort or resistance. Additionally, the plastic housing acts as a barrier against external elements that could damage or corrode the magnets.

  • Dimensions: D35 X L100 mm/D35×98cm
  • Material: ABS plastic cage with Y30 magnets.
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    Cows are constantly exposed to various environmental elements such as moisture, dirt and rough surfaces. A plastic cage protects the magnet from these external influences, ensuring its longevity and effectiveness in capturing and retaining metal objects. In addition, the strong adsorption capacity of cow stomach magnets is crucial for preventing health risks of cows. By attracting and retaining metallic objects such as nails or wires quickly and safely, magnets significantly reduce the potential for these substances to cause harm to a cow's digestive system. This helps to avoid diseases such as traumatic reticulitis which, if left untreated, can lead to serious complications and even the death of the cow. To ensure the reliability and durability of Cow Stomach Magnets, an extensive testing and quality assurance process is employed. This meticulous approach ensures that the magnets meet and exceed industry standards and specifications, giving farmers and livestock owners peace of mind. Additionally, any potential quality issues are proactively addressed, further ensuring customer satisfaction and the continued effectiveness of the magnets. 

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    Overall, Plastic Cage Cow Magnets are a well-designed solution that not only provides strong adsorption capacity, but also prioritizes the safety and well-being of cows. By effectively capturing metal species, magnets can help farmers and livestock owners improve the health of their cattle and reduce the incidence of health problems caused by ingesting metals. A commitment to high-quality products and services reflects our commitment to meeting our customers' needs and contributing to the sustainable success of farming and livestock.

    Package: 10 Pieces with one middle box, 10 boxes with export carton.

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