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SDAL37 Cow Lick Salt Brick Box

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In the cattle industry, the quality and balance of minerals in feed plays a vital role in the overall health and productivity of animals. However, there are two common problems related to the mineral content of the feed. First, the quantity or balance of minerals may not be ideal, resulting in a deficient or unbalanced diet for the cattle. Second, some trace elements may be tightly bound to organic compounds, making it difficult for the cow’s body to absorb them effectively.

  • Name: Cow Lick Salt Brick Box
  • Size: 17*17*14cm
  • Material:  PP/PE
  • Use: Cow Salt Block Holder
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    To combat these problems, farmers often supplement their cattle's diet with licks of salt bricks. The bricks have been scientifically processed taking into account the specific physiological characteristics of the cow. Through this processing, the minerals in the bricks are easily absorbed by the cattle's body, overcoming the limitation of mineral absorption in the feed. A major advantage of using salt lick blocks is that they allow cows to self-regulate their mineral intake. The cow's body instinctively licks the salt bricks as needed, ensuring it gets the necessary minerals without overconsuming it. This self-regulating mechanism helps prevent mineral deficiencies or excesses and promotes overall cattle health and productivity. Also, using salt lick bricks is convenient and labor-saving for farmers. These bricks can be placed in areas within easy reach of cattle and require minimal human intervention. Unlike complex feeding systems or individual supplementation methods, bricks provide a simple and effective way to ensure that the mineral needs of cattle are met. In conclusion, salt lick bricks are a valuable additive in the cattle industry, providing a balanced and easily assimilable source of minerals. The self-regulating mechanism of the consumption of bricks by dairy cows, as well as the convenience and labor saving of using bricks, make it an effective solution to the imbalance and lack of minerals in cattle feed.

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    The function of licking salt bricks

    1. Maintain electrolyte balance in the bovine body.

    2. Promote the growth of livestock and increase feed returns.

    3. Promote the reproduction of livestock.

    4. To prevent and cure mineral nutrition deficiency of livestock, such as heterophilia, white muscle disease, postpartum paralysis of high-yield cattle, Rickets of young animals, nutritional anemia, etc.

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