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SDAL63 Solar photosensitive automatic plastic chicken coop door

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A state-of-the-art door opener designed for the convenience and care of your chickens. This automatic gate opener is packed with a range of innovative features, including impermeability, rugged design, light sensors and a simple user interface, ensuring your chickens can roam freely day and night. With its impervious design, this coop door opener ensures protection from harsh weather conditions.

  • Weight: 1.3KG
  • Material: ABS plastic
  • package: 20pcs/CTN ,52*45*90cm
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    Whether it's raining, snowing or sunny outside, this door will continue to function flawlessly, keeping your feathered friend safe and comfortable.  A temperature range of -15 °F to 140 °F (-26 °C to 60 °C) further enhances its durability and reliability for worry-free operation in all climates. The main feature of this product is its light sensor function that automatically opens and closes the door at a certain time. It utilizes an integrated LUX light sensor to detect ambient light levels. This means the door will automatically open in the morning to let the chickens out to graze, and close in the evening to give them a safe resting space. Plus, you can set the timer to your liking, giving you full control over the operating schedule. Simplicity is at the core of this product, and the user interface reflects this principle. The intuitive design ensures ease of use, even those without technical expertise can easily operate the door opener. Changing settings, adjusting the time, and monitoring the status of your doors can all be done in a few easy steps, making it a hassle-free experience. Another notable aspect of this automatic coop door is its high-quality construction and ability to withstand extreme temperatures. Both the door and the battery can withstand high and low temperatures, ensuring efficient performance even in challenging environments. 

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    The battery's waterproof casing makes it suitable for outdoor storage in all weather conditions, providing convenience and peace of mind for the user. In conclusion, solar photosensitive automatic plastic chicken coop doors are a cutting edge solution for chicken owners looking for convenience and care for their flocks. Features like impermeability, robust design, light sensor functionality and a simple user interface of this door opener guarantee hassle-free operation and ensure your chickens can enjoy free range during the day and safe shelter at night . Its temperature resistance and high-quality construction make it suitable for all climates, while a waterproof battery case enhances its durability and functionality. Give your chickens a safe and comfortable living environment by investing in this innovative product.

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