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SDAL62 Cow and sheep milking machine

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Made of high quality material, s and durable.
All finishes are non-toxic, safe and Eco-friendly.
With 3L bottle, it is of big suction capacity and high efficiency.
Perfect manual milking machine  for milking, storing and transporting fresh milk from cows in dairy farm

  • Size: D12.4*H38cm.3L   Cow:17.5cm, 2.7cm sheep:14.8cm, 2cm
  • Weight: 1.5KG main body, 0.3KG set of accessories
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    Milking Machine: With 3L bottle and vacuum pressure pump for milking, it is large suction capacity and high efficiency, it has high suction capacity and high efficiency for quick milking, offer comfortable milking experience to your cows.

    Goat Milking Machine: Made of high quality material, strong and durable.All finishes are non-toxic, safe and eco-friendly.Electric boost type, will save you more time and effort.Perfect manual milking machine for milking, storing and transporting fresh milk from cows in a dairy farm.

    Hand Milking Machine: Specially designed for cows and sheep, suitable for small to medium farms or for daily household use. Manual, easy to control, no need to worry about engine damage. Note: Do not fill the bottle with too much milk each time.

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    Goat Milker Machine: The body of the cup is made of food grade plastic material, the inner wall is smooth, transparent and uniform, easy to clean, the material is strong, light and durable, not easy to break, good sealing .

    Cow Milking Machine: All parts that came into contact with the udder and milk are food grade materials and do not degrade milk quality. Perfect manual milking machine for milking, storing and transporting fresh milk from cows on a dairy farm.

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