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SDAL17 aluminium alloy Tattoo Pliers

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Ear prick forceps are commonly used in the process of raising cattle and horses for identification purposes. These specialized tools are designed to puncture the ears of the animals in a controlled and efficient manner.  carefully selecting the desired area for marking, and swiftly inserting the ears between the pliers with the identification code.

  • Material: aluminium alloy  
  • Size: Length 215mm
  • Description: Tattoo Digits number from 0-9,total is ten digits.Tattoo
  • Digits size: L1.5×W1cm
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    To ensure accuracy and minimize any potential harm to the animal, it is crucial to apply sufficient force when closing the forceps. By using an agile and decisive approach, the forceps are able to quickly and effectively pierce through the ear, creating the desired identification mark. It is important to release the forceps promptly to avoid tearing or causing unnecessary discomfort to the animal.Contrary to some misunderstandings, animals generally do not feel pain during the process of ear piercing. The ear is a subordinate organ for animals, and its puncture does not significantly impact their daily lives or overall development. It is important to note that any potential discomfort experienced by the animal is temporary and minimal.The use of ear prick forceps serves an essential purpose in livestock management and identification. By uniquely marking the animals, it becomes easier to track them, monitor their health, and ensure appropriate care. This identification process is particularly crucial in larger livestock operations, where individual animals need to be easily distinguished and managed.It is worth mentioning that the proper training and skills of the individuals performing the ear piercing procedure are essential. They should exercise caution, follow established guidelines, and prioritize the welfare of the animals at all times.In conclusion, ear prick forceps play a vital role in the efficient and accurate identification of cattle and horses. When used correctly, these tools minimize operational mistakes and potential harm, ensuring the welfare and proper management of the animals.

    Package: Each piece with one poly bag,20 pieces with export carton

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