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SDAL12 Stainless steel pig tooth cutter

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Improve piglet welfare and health By clipping the teeth of piglets, their overall welfare and health can be significantly improved. A bite during a fight can cause injury and can become infected and cause pain and discomfort to the piglets.

  • Material: stainless steel
  • Size: Length145mm
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    This affects their growth and development, as well as their overall well-being. By cutting teeth to prevent mutual injury in fights, piglets can have a healthier, happier start to life.Improve sow well-being and milk production Preventing piglets from biting the sow's teats by cutting their teeth is critical to the sow's health. When piglets clamp down on the teat, it can cause pain and potential damage such as mastitis. Mastitis is a common infection of the mammary glands of sows, causing inflammation, pain and reduced milk production. Teeth clipping of piglets reduces the likelihood of teat biting, thereby reducing cases of mastitis and increasing milk production, ultimately benefiting both the sow and her piglets.Reduce Harmful Feeding Behaviors As piglets grow into guard and finisher pigs, there is a risk of developing eating habits such as tail and ear biting. These harmful behaviors can lead to injuries, infections, and stunted growth. The incidence of this breeding habit can be significantly reduced by clipping the teeth of these pigs. This creates a healthier, safer environment for the herd, minimizing the risk of infection and subsequent growth and selection problems.


    Improve farm management and efficiency Implementing tooth breaking as part of an overall hog management plan can help improve farm management and efficiency. By preventing mutual injury in fights, reducing teat biting and minimizing harmful feeding behaviors, the overall health and well-being of the pig herd can be maintained. This reduces veterinary intervention, reduces drug costs and increases growth rates. Additionally, preventing mastitis in sows ensures the smooth running of farrowing rooms, and sow productivity is critical to the success of a farm. In summary, teeth clipping for piglets and pigs serves several purposes, including preventing mutual injury during fights, reducing teat biting, and minimizing harmful feeding practices. These practices promote piglet welfare, sow welfare and overall herd health, contributing to improved farm management and efficiency. By including tooth breaking as part of a hog management plan, farmers can create a safer, healthier environment for their animals, which in the long run increases productivity and profitability.

    Package: Each piece with one box,100 pieces with export carton.

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