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SDAL11 Pet safety SS nail clippers

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Regular nail clipping for cats and dogs is essential to maintaining their overall health and preventing various problems. First, it prevents damage to the pedals from overgrown nails. Pets with long nails can inadvertently scratch and scratch surfaces on furniture, floors, and other items in your home. Regular trimming of nails will ensure that they can move around without causing any damage to their surroundings.

  • Material: steel with zinc plated with rubber handle
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    In addition to protecting the treads, clipping your cat's and dog's nails will keep them from breaking off during activity. When pets are engaging in active play or exercise, their nails may catch on surfaces or bend with force, resulting in painful snaps. Regular nail trimming helps maintain the integrity of the nail, reducing the risk of pain and potentially dangerous breakage. Additionally, trimming cat and dog nails is essential to prevent injury to other people or animals. Pets with long nails can accidentally scratch or injure humans or other animals, especially while playing or seeking attention. By keeping nails at the proper length, pet owners can ensure safer interactions and minimize the risk of accidental injury. Finally, clipping your cat's nails can prevent excessive bleeding. If a cat's nails grow too long and grow into the paw pads or curl back into the paws, it can cause the nails to bleed and be painful. Regular nail trimming can help prevent this problem and keep the claws healthy and injury-free. Overall, proper nail care for cats and dogs is crucial for a variety of reasons. It prevents damage to the pedals, prevents nail breakage during activities, reduces the risk of accidental injury to others, and helps prevent excessive bleeding from your cat's nails. By incorporating regular nail trimming into their grooming routine, pet owners can ensure the overall comfort, safety and well-being of their beloved furry companion.

    Package:  Each piece with one box,100 pieces with export carton.

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