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SDAL56 Cow halter and lead cow headgear

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Introducing the cattle bridle, an essential tool for the safe and effective handling and management of cattle. Made from high-quality materials, this bridle ensures durability and reliability, making it ideal for farmers and ranchers. Before using a sling, it is important to perform a thorough inspection to ensure its quality and functionality.

  • Size: Think 10mm-Suitable for cattle within 500 kg         Think 10mm-Suitable for cattle 500 kg         Think 12mm-Suitable for cattle 450KG-700KG
  • Material: Nylon rope
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    Check the rope for gaps, tangles or breaks from end to end. This step is critical to keep animals and handlers safe during handling. In order to secure the bridle properly, the double rope needs to be tied vertically. Begin by wrapping your hands around the two ropes, pulling the center of the double rope with your right hand and grabbing the left double rope with your left hand. Repeat this process five times, then tie them securely in the middle of the double rope. This ensures a snug fit and prevents slipping during handling. Next, attach the bridle structure vertically to the cow's head. Place the loop in the middle of the twine over the cow's head or any other suitable object. Carefully pull each twin cord to conform to the shape of the bull's head, ensuring a correct and snug fit. 

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    Once adjusted, tie the rope tight to keep the halter securely in place. To prevent tangling or discomfort, separate the cords and place them parallel to each other. Make any necessary adjustments to the distance between the ropes to accommodate the specific size of the bull's head. Then, separate the ropes on either side of the end and tie them in parallel, making sure the ends don't get tangled. Adding a decorative bull's head to the bridle further enhances its appearance and provides additional stability. Finally, for added strength and durability to the bridle, the entire double rope system is wrapped around the ox using nylon buffer rope. This extra layer of protection helps withstand the stress that may occur during handling, ensuring the life of the bridle. In conclusion, cow cages are an important tool for efficient and safe handling of cattle. With its sturdy construction and proper installation technique, it provides a safe and comfortable experience for cattle and breeders. By following the instructions provided and performing regular inspections, farmers and ranchers can rely on cattle cages for efficient, reliable cattle management.

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