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SDAL18 Four lap/six lap horse hair scraper

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Horses are remarkable animals known for their thick fur, which provides them with natural insulation, especially during the cold winter months. In winter, their skin produces more oil, which helps them resist damp and cold weather, keeping them warm and protected.

  • Material: PP+SS201
  • Size: 23cm×10.5cm
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    The combination of this thick fur and the oil produced by their skin creates a natural barrier against the elements.However, when horses are regularly engaged in strenuous physical activity and sweat profusely, this can pose challenges to their well-being. The sweat mixes with the oil in their hair, forming a thin film that not only slows down the drying process but also makes the hair dense and less breathable. This can lead to an increased risk of cold and disease for the horse.Regular shaving or clipping of the horse's coat becomes necessary in such cases. Shaving the horse's hair helps to remove excessive sweat-drenched hair and allows for better airflow to the skin. This aids in faster drying and prevents the buildup of moisture, which can create an optimal environment for the growth of bacteria or fungi. By shaving the horse, we also make it easier to keep the horse clean and maintain proper hygiene.It is essential to choose the appropriate time and technique for shaving the horse. 

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    Typically, it is done during the transitional periods between seasons when the horse no longer needs the full thickness of its winter coat but may still require some protection from the elements. This transitional period ensures that the horse is not left vulnerable to sudden weather changes. The shaving process should be done carefully, ensuring that the horse is not left exposed to extreme temperatures or drafts.Regular grooming and maintenance are essential for the overall wellness of horses. Shaving is just one aspect of grooming that helps keep the horse comfortable and in good health. Alongside shaving, proper nutrition, exercise, regular veterinary care, and a clean living environment contribute to a horse's overall well-being and help prevent potential health issues.In conclusion, while horses naturally possess a thick fur coat for insulation, regular heavy sweating during intense physical activity can lead to slower drying, increased susceptibility to cold and disease, and compromised care. Thus, shaving or clipping the horse's coat becomes necessary to enable efficient cooling and maintenance of good health. However, the process should be done with caution and consideration for the horse's needs and environmental factors.

    Package:50 pieces with export carton

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