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SDAL29 Horseshoe scissors- Shoe repair nail tools

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Horses need regular maintenance and trimming of their hooves to keep them healthy and in top condition. Known as farrier work or hoof care, this process involves the trimming and shaping of a horse’s hooves to prevent problems such as overgrowth and imbalance, and to ensure the horse’s overall health and soundness. Regular hoof trimming is crucial for a number of reasons. First, the natural wear and tear of a domesticated horse raised primarily in stables or pastures on soft ground is limited.

  • Material: 45#steel
  • Size: 16” , L40cm
  • Color: Red+Black
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    In the wild, horses naturally control their hooves by walking and grazing on different terrains. However, domesticated horses require human intervention to maintain the balance and length of their hooves. Proper hoof trimming prevents overgrowth, which can cause some problems. Long or unbalanced hooves can cause discomfort, pain and lameness. They can also affect the horse's gait and movement, causing joint, tendon and ligament problems. Regular trimming will help prevent this type of problem by ensuring the hooves are at the correct length and angle. Another reason for hoof care is to prevent common hoof diseases. For example, because domesticated horses are constantly exposed to moisture, their hooves can become soft and susceptible to diseases such as thrush or fungal infections. Regular trimming helps maintain the integrity of the hoof, achieves proper water balance and reduces the risk of these problems. Well-maintained hooves are also critical for proper weight distribution and shock absorption. The hoof acts as a natural shock absorber, protecting the horse's joints and minimizing impact on hard surfaces. Balanced and properly trimmed hooves ensure even weight distribution, reducing stress on the horse's limbs and minimizing the risk of injury or limping. Horseshoe maintenance also catches any potential problems early on. When a farrier trims a horse's hooves, he can inspect the horse's hooves and lower limbs for any signs of problems, such as cracks, bruises, or abnormalities. Early detection of such problems can allow timely intervention and treatment to prevent more serious problems. Overall, regular hoof trimming is essential to a horse's health and wellbeing. It ensures proper weight distribution, minimizes the risk of injury and allows early detection of potential problems. By keeping their hooves in top condition, horse owners can ensure their horse's comfort, mobility and overall health.


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