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SDAL31 Breeding farm Pig blocking board

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The pig pen board is a revolutionary product in the field of pig farming and management. Made from a new polyethylene material, this cutting-edge technology offers many benefits to the pig farmer. One of the standout features of pigsty panels is their exceptional durability. The use of thicker polyethylene ensures that this board is resistant to wear and tear, making it extremely strong and long-lasting.

  • Size: S-765×485×31mm-2KG M-960×765×31mm-4KG L-1200×765×31mm-6KG
  • Material: HDPE
  • Color: Red,can customized
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    This means farmers can rely on the panels for years, saving money and reducing maintenance. Additionally, the use of polyethylene in its construction makes pigpen panels a safe and environmentally friendly choice. Unlike traditional materials, polyethylene is non-toxic and does not release harmful chemicals. This ensures the health of the pigs and eliminates any risk to the surrounding environment. Farmers can use the board with confidence knowing they are making responsible choices for their animals and the planet. Pig boards are available in three different sizes, small, medium and large, to meet the different needs of the pig herd. The overall thickened design, combined with polyethylene blow molding technology, ensures that the board is not easily deformed. Even under harsh farm conditions, where bumping and heavy use are common, the plates retain their shape, maintaining their effectiveness in stopping and separating pigs. And, the thoughtful design of the pen boards takes into account the specific requirements of the herd. The concave design of the plate body can effectively reduce the damage to the guardrail of the pigs and ensure the safety of the pigs during transportation. This ergonomic design consideration not only protects the animals, but also helps provide farmers with a more efficient and less stressful workflow. The pig baffle was also designed with practicality in mind. 


    Thickened and weighted elements enhance its sturdiness, making it a reliable tool for pig handling. Multiple empty handles incorporated into its design make the board easy to hold and maneuver, reducing stress and energy for the farmer. This user-friendly approach increases efficiency and ease of use, simplifying daily tasks and increasing productivity on the farm. In conclusion, pig pen panels made of the new polyethylene material represent a breakthrough in the pig industry. Its unrivaled durability, safety and environmental friendliness make it the first choice of pig farmers. With three size options, a robust design and pig welfare considerations, this board sets a new standard for pig management tools. By incorporating the latest material and design advancements, pig baffles ensure a seamless and efficient handling experience for farmers and their beloved animals.
    Package: Each piece with one poly bag ,50 pieces with export carton.

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