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SDAL45 Veterinary Cow dystocia wire saw

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A wire saw for removing stillborns during difficult calving is an essential tool for veterinarians and livestock farmers facing cow dystocia, a common obstetric condition. Cow dystocia occurs when abnormalities during labor, such as a narrow pelvis or insufficient labor force, prevent the normal delivery of the fetus. This can lead to various complications, including infertility, paraplegia, and even the tragic death of both cows, causing significant economic losses to farmers.

  • Size: Handle 110*14.5mm Wire rope 1.2mm*10m
  • Weight: 220g/ 90g
  • Material: SS304
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    To solve the challenges posed by dystocia, wire saws offer an efficient solution. The saw was designed to quickly remove a dead fetus from the womb, and the wire was able to cut through bone and horns with astonishing efficiency. Featuring a 17 mm (0.7 in.) saw wire, the wire provides the thickness and strength necessary to penetrate the toughest obstetrical barriers. The wire saws come in 40-foot rolls, ensuring ample supply for multiple use cases. The wire handle is made of durable stainless steel to help make efficient use of the OB wire. For convenience, handles can be purchased individually or as part of a kit, allowing flexibility to meet the preferences of different users.

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    This wire saw is an invaluable tool for solving calving difficulties and solving complications of dystocia in dairy cows. Its sharp and strong structure cuts bone and horns quickly and accurately, helping to safely remove a dead fetus from the womb. By having this tool at hand, veterinary clinicians and livestock farmers can quickly intervene in critical calving events, improving the chances of a successful outcome for cows and their offspring. The effectiveness of the wire saw in dealing with challenging obstetrical conditions has made it an indispensable asset in veterinary clinical practice and the livestock industry. It is able to overcome complications caused by poor fetal development or abnormal conditions during parturition, contributes to the overall well-being of the cattle and helps ensure the economic success of the farmer.

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