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SDAL09 Custom Cow Ear Tags Applicator for cattle

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Applying ear tags to animals is easy and efficient using the ear tag applicator with two super pins. These applicators are designed to hold ear tags securely in place, reducing the risk of ear tags falling off or falling off. Available in different colors such as red, yellow and orange, they can be easily identified and differentiated, ensuring proper management and record keeping.

  • Material: high quality aluminum alloy
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    During installation, proper steps must be followed for successful and effective labeling. Hold the ear tag clip arm and press lightly, the automatic switch will pop out, allowing the clip to open. This mechanism simplifies the tagging process, making it user-friendly and time-saving. To ensure that the ear tags remain securely attached, the tag's main logo is carefully mounted on the ear tag pliers pins. By pressing it against the end of the needle and clamping it securely, the main logo is guaranteed not to fall off. This ensures that the ear tags stay in place and the animal is accurately identified and tracked. Mounting the ear tag between the cartilage from the tip of the ear to the middle of the head is critical for effective marking. Before installation, disinfect the area where the marker will be inserted with alcohol to maintain hygiene and prevent infection.


    The marker is then carefully mounted on the animal's ear using specialized ear tag pliers. The main marker should always be inserted behind the ear to ensure proper placement and visibility. By following these steps and utilizing sandy surfaces to prevent slip and fall accidents, farmers and animal owners can effectively manage their livestock and ensure the safety and well-being of animals and humans involved in the marking process. The combination of a reliable marking device and a non-slip surface facilitates smooth, safe operation.

    Package: Each piece with one poly bag,50 pieces with export carton.

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