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SDAL07 PP Handle Animal Tail Cutter

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Reducing feed waste and maximizing pig daily gain is critical to efficient and profitable pig farming. One aspect to consider is the energy expenditure associated with wagging the pig’s tail.

  • Material: hard alloy steel and PP Handle
  • Description: Handle color black or red is available
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    Pigs typically expend approximately 15% of their daily metabolic energy on tail wagging, resulting in wasted feed that could be used for fat deposition and increased daily gain. By finding alternative ways to shift energy expenditure to fat deposition, pig farmers have the potential to achieve a 2% increase in daily weight gain. This can be achieved by changing the environment and management practices of the pigs. For example, providing pigs with something enriching like a hanging object or a toy can divert their attention and energy from wagging their tails. These rich substances not only help reduce tail wagging, but also promote natural behavior and improve the overall welfare of pigs. Another solution to the tail-biting habit of pigs is to dock the piglets. Tail biting syndrome can adversely affect pig health, diet, disease resistance and performance. It is estimated that tail biting syndrome may affect up to 200% of pigs in the same herd. By proactively clipping piglet tails, the occurrence of tail biting syndrome can be significantly reduced. 

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    By preventing the occurrence of tail biting, farmers can also limit the spread of infections such as staph and strep, which can negatively impact pig health and productivity. In the absence of tail-biting syndrome, pigs can maintain a better diet, improve disease resistance, and ultimately exhibit enhanced performance. In conclusion, addressing tail wagging and tail biting in pigs can result in significant feed savings and increased daily gain. Redirecting tail wagging-related energy expenditure to fat deposition and preventing tail biting syndrome not only improves pig health and welfare, but also contributes to more economically sustainable pig farming operations.

    Package: Each piece with one poly bag,100 pieces with export carton.

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