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SDAL22 Rattle Paddle for Farm Pig Hunting

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Sorting paddle consists of a hollow 30*16cm paddle

Introducing our innovative and efficient pig racket, specially designed to drive medium to large pigs. The racquet contains sound beads and can be used as an effective tool for guiding and controlling pigs without causing any harm. The surface of the racquet is fitted with carefully placed stones that vibrate and produce sound when in use.

  • MaterialaMaterial: steel pipe + PP paddle and handle
  • Size: 107cm Rattle paddle / 122cm Rattle paddle
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     This added feature helps to attract the attention of the pigs, making it easier to guide and guide them. The noise these vibrating stones create can gently but effectively remind pigs to move in the desired direction without force or harsh methods. The long handle is designed for convenience and ease of use. The extended length provides a comfortable grip and gives the user better leverage, making pig raising easy and efficient. The soft rubber grip adds to the overall comfort and ensures a secure hold even during prolonged use. In terms of visibility, the racket comes in a variety of vibrant colors that are clearly visible even from a distance. This is especially useful for working in dimly lit areas or where quick, clear communication with pigs is required. Not only are our Pork Drive racquets lightweight and easy to carry, but they are also extremely durable. The materials used for construction are of the highest quality, ensuring longevity and the ability to withstand the rigors of everyday use without fraying or breaking. Additionally, our products promote animal welfare and ethical handling practices. 


    By utilizing the manual vocalization of swats, the racquet can effectively repel animals without causing injury or distress. This gentle approach allows for safe and humane management of pigs while maintaining a productive and stress-free environment. To sum it up, our linchpin is a versatile and reliable tool for guiding medium to large pigs. Its sound-sounding beads, lightweight design, highly visible colors, and soft rubber grip contribute to its effectiveness and ease of use. With its emphasis on animal welfare and its ability to ensure a safe and controlled environment, this racquet is an invaluable asset for both farmers and breeders.

    Package:Each piece with one poly bag,50 pieces with export carton.

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