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SDAL68 Pig Midwifery Rope

Short Description:

Pig birthing ropes are dedicated and essential tools used to assist the pig farrowing process.

  • Material: SS201
  • Size: 86.5×4.5cm
  • Bracelet diameter: 4.5cm
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    With its strong and durable construction, the rope plays a vital role in ensuring the safety and well-being of sows and piglets during farrowing. Designed to be easily adjusted and secured, the pig birthing rope is made of high-quality and durable materials that can withstand the rigors of a farrowing environment. The rope is usually made of a soft yet strong material, ensuring no discomfort or injury to the pig. The main features of this rope are its versatility and adaptability. It is specially designed to strap securely around the sow's legs or body, providing a stable and controlled position during farrowing. This allows farmers or veterinarians to better observe and, if necessary, assist with the birthing process. One of the important functions of the pig birth rope is to prevent strain and fatigue of the sow. By providing support, it helps relieve the stress on her legs and body when she farrows piglets. Not only does this reduce the risk of pig injury, it also ensures a smoother and easier farrowing process. In addition, pig birth ropes help protect newborn piglets. By keeping the sow stable, the chances of accidental crushing or injury to the newborn piglets are reduced. Ropes allow for better control and management of the sow during farrowing, ensuring the safety of the entire litter.


    Overall, the pig delivery rope is an indispensable tool for the pig industry. It provides essential support and safety during farrowing, promoting sow and piglet welfare. Its versatility, durability and adaptability make it a practical tool for farmers and veterinarians, enabling them to effectively assist pigs in farrowing and minimize risks.

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