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SDAL33 Animal uterine cleaner

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One of the main advantages of a veterinary uterine irrigator is its ability to not only inject liquid medication into the uterus, but to pump it back along with any inflammatory exudates, pus, and debris present in the uterus. This unique feature thoroughly cleanses and purifies the uterus, creating an optimal environment for the therapeutic effects of drugs. By eliminating harmful substances and pathogens in the uterus, the irrigator significantly increases the therapeutic effect.

  • Capacity: 500ml
  • Weight: 0.26KG
  • Carton size: 31.5'' X 21.65'' X 23.62''
  • Carton N.W: 26KG
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     The scientific design and advanced technology of the veterinary uterine irrigator ensure its high efficiency and reliability. The device is engineered to deliver precise and uniform drug delivery, ensuring that the drug reaches all affected areas of the uterus. The technology used in the irrigator allows for easy and controlled handling, minimizing the chance of errors or complications during treatment. Farmers and veterinarians can use the irrigator with confidence knowing that it was developed to meet the specific needs of the animals and maximize treatment outcomes. In addition to its therapeutic benefits, the veterinary uterine irrigator addresses the limitations of traditional uterine irrigators. Unlike previous products that can only inject drugs and lack the functions of cleaning, purification and discharge, this innovative product integrates all these functions in one. This breakthrough enables a comprehensive treatment approach that provides not only drug therapy but also a thorough uterine cleansing. As a result, treatment periods were significantly shortened and animals had a faster recovery time. The shortened duration of treatment not only benefits the animal's health, but also prevents further complications and infections that may arise during long-term treatment. 

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    Additionally, veterinary uterine irrigators offer economic advantages to dairy farms. Irrigators help reduce overall treatment costs by shortening treatment periods and improving treatment outcomes. A reduction in expenses can have a significant positive impact on the economic sustainability of a dairy farm, improving its profitability and overall financial results. In conclusion, veterinary uterine irrigators represent a major advance in the treatment of female animals with diseases such as bovine endometritis. With scientific design and advanced technology, it has multiple functions such as perfusion, cleaning and discharge, and provides comprehensive and efficient treatment methods.

    Package: Each piece with color box ,100 pieces with export carton.

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