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SDSN11 Disposable Hypodermic Needle

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Ultra-sharp, tri-bevelled, anti-coring, Stainless steel needle. Translucent, colour-coded Ruhr-lock hub.Sterile, Nonpyrogenic, Autoclavable components. Stainless steel cannula. Blister pack.

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Introducing our disposable veterinary needles, crafted to meet the needs of animal health professionals. The needle features an ultra-sharp, triple-bevel design that ensures smooth, accurate injections, reduces pain and minimizes tissue trauma during medical procedures. The needle is made of high-quality stainless steel, which guarantees its durability and corrosion resistance. The material can also be easily sterilized using autoclaving methods, ensuring sterile conditions for every use. The stainless steel cannula is designed to maintain its sharpness and structural integrity even after multiple insertion attempts. For enhanced functionality and ease of use, the needle is equipped with a luer lock aluminum hub. The hub features a color-coded translucent body that provides visual clarity and facilitates quick identification of different needle sizes or types. The hub securely connects the needle to the syringe or other medical device, preventing any leakage of medication or fluid during administration. For added convenience and hygiene, the needles are packaged in a strong and convenient blister pack. T

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The clear blister pack allows for easy inspection of needles prior to use, ensuring needle sterility. Additionally, the air-tight blister pack protects the needle from contamination and damage, ensuring its reliability during critical medical procedures. The combination of an ultra-sharp, coring-resistant needle, stainless steel cannula, luer-lock aluminum hub, and secure blister packaging ensures that this single-use veterinary needle meets the highest standards of quality and usability. Veterinarians and animal health professionals can rely on this needle to deliver accurate injections, improve patient comfort and ensure optimal outcomes. In summary, our disposable veterinary needles offer superior features, including superior sharpness, coring resistance, stainless steel construction, aluminum luer lock hubs with translucent bodies and color-coded, and convenient blister packaging. This needle is an indispensable tool in veterinary practice, providing healthcare professionals with the reliability and convenience they need for optimal patient care.

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