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SDWB17-1 plastic chicken drinker

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The plastic chicken drinking bucket is a convenient and practical product specially designed for raising chickens. It consists of a white bucket body and a red lid, which makes the whole drinking bucket full of vitality and recognition. This drinking bucket has a simple and functional design, making it easy to assemble and use.

  • Material: PE/PP
  • Capacity: 1L、1.5L、2L、3L、6L、8L、14L...
  • Description: Easy operation and save water
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    The barrel and base are packaged separately for easy transportation and storage. It is easy to assemble by simply connecting the main body and the base together. The body of the drinking bucket is made of high-quality plastic material, which has the advantages of durability and corrosion resistance. It will not be deformed or damaged due to long-term use, and can withstand the test of various outdoor environments. At the same time, the white design of the bucket body also makes it easier to clean the drinking bucket and keep it hygienic. The red lid is one of the highlights of this drinking bucket. Not only does it add some color and style, but it stands out from its surroundings and grabs attention. At the same time, the red color of the lid also helps to distinguish the drinking bucket from other containers, preventing confusion and misuse. This drinking bucket also has an automatic water discharge function, you only need to fill the bucket with water, and only need to add water when it is all used up. This automatic water discharge design can help farmers save time and energy, and manage the drinking water needs of chickens more effectively. 

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    Overall, the Plastic Chicken Drinking Bucket is a functional and easy-to-use product. The clean design, high-quality plastic, eye-catching red lid and automatic water spout make it an indispensable tool in the chicken business. Not only is it easy to assemble and use, it also ensures that the chickens always have plenty of clean drinking water. Whether it is a small chicken coop or a large chicken farm, this drinking bucket will be an ideal choice to provide chickens with a healthy and comfortable drinking environment.
    Package:Barrel body and chassis are packed separately.

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