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SDWB22 Plastic nipple Calf/Lamb Milk Bucket

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We are very proud to introduce our Calf/Lamb Milk Bucket product which is made of high quality Polypropylene (PP) material. This material is durable, corrosion-resistant and easy to clean, making it ideal for feeding calves and lambs, ensuring they receive a safe and healthy feed. Our Calf/Lamb Milk Bucket is available in various sizes. Whether you need one, three or five feeding ports, we’ve got you covered.

  • Size: D29cm×H28cm
  • Capacity: 8L 
  • Material:  PP
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    This design is very convenient and can feed multiple calves or lambs at the same time, saving time and labor. In addition, we also provide different size teat specifications according to your needs. We know that every calf and lamb has a different caliber and sucking ability, so a custom teat size ensures they get enough milk with ease. You can choose the right teat size based on your animal's age and needs to ensure they get the right amount of nutrition and water. Our Calf/Lamb Milk Bucket not only has a variety of specifications, but also is very user-friendly in design. It adopts a portable design, which is convenient for you to carry and use. Whether on a home farm or a dairy farm, you can easily operate and manage this product. In addition, our Calf/Lamb Milk Bucket focuses on the health and comfort of the animals. Its design ensures accurate feed control and temperature control, avoiding waste and overfeeding. It is also anti-drip to prevent milk waste and water accumulation in animal pens. All in all, our Calf/Lamb Milk Bucket is a functional and user-friendly product. Its PP material guarantees durability and hygiene, and it is available in a variety of gauges and teat sizes, making it suitable for every feeding need. Whether you are a breeder or a home breeder, we believe this product will be ideal for what you need to feed your calves and lambs.

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