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SDWB24 Water Level Controller

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We are very pleased to present to you our water level controller for pig farms. Manufactured from high quality plastic materials, this smart device is designed to provide a convenient water level control solution for pig farms. Our water level controllers use automation technology to accurately control water levels. It detects the water level of the tank and automatically starts or stops the water supply through advanced sensors and control systems. This way, there is no need for manual intervention by the pig farm staff, saving time and labor.

  • Size: 20*18cm
  • Weight: 0.278KG
  • Material: PVC
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    In addition, we choose plastic materials as the main construction material of the product, there are many considerations. First of all, the plastic material has excellent durability and corrosion resistance, allowing it to be used for a long time in the harsh pig farm environment without damage. Secondly, the smooth surface of the plastic material can prevent the metal from scratching the pig, protecting the pig farm's piping system from damage and prolonging its service life. What's more, our water level controller is without electricity. It uses the principle of mechanical design and natural pressure force to work, eliminating the dependence on electrical equipment and power supply. This not only reduces energy consumption and saves the operating costs of pig farms, but also contributes to environmental protection and reduces the waste of water resources. Our water level controllers are designed to provide a simple and easy-to-use solution. It has an intuitive operator interface and reliable performance, allowing pig farm staff to easily control the water level and take necessary actions in a timely manner. 

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    Whether it is a large or small pig farm, we are confident that our water level controllers will meet your needs. Finally, our water level controllers are not only suitable for pig farms, but can also be used in other agricultural and industrial fields, such as fish farms, farmland irrigation, etc. Its efficiency and reliability make it an ideal tool for managing and securing water resources. To sum up, our pig farm water level controller is a convenient, durable and efficient product. It is made of plastic material to prevent the metal from scratching the pig; no electricity is needed to avoid water waste. We believe it will become a must-have equipment for your pig farm, providing you with efficient and reliable water level control services.

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