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SDWB15 Livestock Drinking bowl holder

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We offer farms a specially designed animal drinking bowl stand designed to provide a solid support and easy drinking solution. This stand fits our 5L and 9L plastic drinking bowls and is made of galvanized iron for strength and durability. Galvanized iron is used to manufacture this drinking bowl holder because of its excellent rust and corrosion resistance. Whether used in indoor or outdoor environments, this material will maintain its good condition and provide reliable support service for a long time. In addition, the galvanized iron material has a high load-bearing capacity and can safely support 5-liter and 9-liter plastic drinking bowls.

  • Material: Galvanized Iron
  • Capacity: 5L/9L
  • Size: 5L-32.5×28×18cm, 9L-45×35×23cm
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     This drinking bowl stand is designed with stability and convenience in mind. Provides a balanced and stable base of support. The stand prevents the drinking bowl from sliding or tilting during use. This ensures that the animal can drink comfortably without accidentally knocking over the drinking bowl.

     The height of the stand is carefully designed to allow the animal to have a natural approach to the drinking bowl without excessive stooping. They can drink more easily, reducing unnecessary strain and pain.

     In addition to providing a solid support, this drinking bowl stand is very easy to install and clean. Just disassemble the bracket to clean the whole bowl, this design ensures the hygiene of the drinking bowl and makes maintenance more convenient and quick.

    Drinking bowl holders are a practical and durable option. It provides a firm support that allows the animal to drink comfortably while reducing the risk of the drinking bowl being tipped over. We are committed to providing high quality and thoughtful products for animals. When packaging and transporting this product, it can also be stacked and packaged with the drinking bowl, which saves the transportation volume. and freight.Package:2 pieces with export carton

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