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SDWB13 9L Plastic Drinking Water Bowl horse cattle drinker

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This 9L plastic bowl is a high performance drinking device designed for large animals such as cows, horses and camels. It is made of high-quality plastic material for durability and reliability. First of all, the first step in making this plastic bowl is to choose the right plastic material. We chose high-strength PP material, which has excellent durability and impact resistance.

  • Material: recyclable,environment and UV additional plastic bowl with stainless steel flat cover.
  • Capacity: 9L
  • Size: L40.5×W34.5×D19cm
  • Weight: 1.8kg
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    This material is resistant to extreme weather and environmental conditions, making it suitable for a variety of outdoor use. We then use an advanced injection molding process to transform this polyethylene material into uniquely shaped drinking bowls. Injection molding is a process of injecting molten plastic material into a mold to make a product. Through precise temperature and pressure control, we ensure that the plastic bowls produced are of consistent size and shape, as well as excellent surface quality. In order to realize the function of automatic water discharge, we installed a metal cover plate and a plastic float valve on the plastic bowl. The metal cover is located on top of the bowl, it prevents dust and debris from entering the drinking bowl by covering the water supply opening. At the same time, the metal cover also serves to protect the float valve inside the plastic bowl, making it less susceptible to external damage. 

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    The plastic float valve is the core component of this drinking bowl, which can automatically adjust the amount of drinking water. When the animal starts to drink, water will flow into the bowl through the water supply port, and the float valve will float to stop further inflow. When the animal stops drinking, the float valve returns to its original position and the water supply stops instantly. This automatic water outlet design ensures that animals can enjoy fresh, clean water at all times. Finally, after rigorous quality checks and tests, this 9L plastic bowl is considered to meet the drinking needs of large animals such as cows, horses and camels. Its durability, reliability and automatic water discharge make it ideal for farm and livestock owners.

    Package:each piece with one polybag,4 pieces with export carton.

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