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SDAI03-1 Disposable Spiral Catheter without end plug

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The disposable spiral catheter for pig insemination (without end plug) is a special tool specially designed for pig Artificial insemination process. This innovative catheter aims to improve and simplify processes while improving accuracy and efficiency. This catheter is designed specifically for pigs and has a spiral tip. The spiral head design can better adapt to the shape of the pig reproductive tract, ensure stable insertion, and reduce animal discomfort. The spiral structure also improves the coordination between the catheter and the reproductive tract, minimizing the risk of semen leakage and ensuring precise delivery to the desired location.

  • Material: PP tube , PVC spiral tip  
  • Size: OD¢6.85 x L500x T1.00mm
  • Description: Spiral tip color yellow,blue,white,green etc is available.
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    One of the main advantages of this catheter is that it is disposable and does not require cleaning and disinfection. As a Disposable product, it avoids the trouble of cleaning, thus saving time and labor and ensuring health and safety. In addition, the disposable nature of the catheter eliminates the risk of cross contamination related to repeated use, thereby ensuring animal health. Unlike traditional catheters, this product does not have an end plug and does not require special tools or additional steps to remove or replace the end plug. This simplified design simplifies the program, reduces the labor and time required by operators, and ultimately improves the overall workflow and productivity. The size and length of the catheter have been carefully designed to adapt to the physiology and species of pigs. 

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     Its perfect size makes it easy to operate and ensures smooth penetration and delivery of semen. This feature increases the chances of successful fertilization. The disposable spiral catheter for pig insemination, without end plug, provides a reliable solution for pig Artificial insemination surgery. Its disposable design and screw head structure provide convenience, efficiency, and accuracy, while ensuring process safety and hygiene. Whether in commercial pig farms or veterinary laboratories, this product is an indispensable tool to provide stable support and guarantee for pig Artificial insemination procedures.

    Packing:Each piece with one polybag,500 pieces with export carton.

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