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SDAI10 Artificial Insemination Semen Bag

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Bagged semen offers a range of advantages over bottled semen, helping to improve sperm preservation and increase reproductive efficiency. First, the semen bag has a flat shape during storage, which allows better contact between the sperm and the nutrient solution. This improved contact promotes sperm survival and motility, increasing the chances of a successful fertilization during insemination.

  • Material: PTE+PE
  • Size: 100ml
  • Packing: 20 pieces with one polybag,2,000 pieces with export carton.
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    In addition, the reduction in semen sedimentation helps maintain the quality and integrity of spermatozoa, ensuring their viability during long-term storage. In the production process, the combination of bagged semen and suspension insemination technology can be effectively used. This combination can yield significant benefits, such as reduced labor costs and improved breeding efficiency. The bagged semen can be easily hung and manipulated during insemination, simplifying the process and minimizing the time and effort required. The soft and flat design of the semen bag further enhances the storage capacity of sperm. By reducing stress on the sperm, the bag allows the sperm to maintain their natural shape and structure, which improves survival. This design also minimizes the stress on the sperm, which increases motility and vitality. Convenience is another major advantage of bagged semen. 

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     The pouch is easily opened by snapping off the mouth, allowing for quick and direct access to semen. Additionally, the open lid can be used to close the bag opening, providing a hygienic and secure seal. This practical feature ensures that the quality of the semen is maintained before and after insemination. The standard gradient design of the semen bag ensures compatibility with all standard vas deferens diameters. This versatility allows easy insertion of a vas deferens or extension tube during insemination, simplifying the process and reducing the chance of error or complications. Overall, bagged semen offers many advantages over bottled semen. Its flat shape promotes optimal contact of sperm with the nutrient solution, reduces sedimentation and promotes sperm preservation. Compatible with suspension insemination technology, improving breeding efficiency and reducing labor costs. The soft and flat design of the bag body minimizes the compression of sperm and improves the survival rate of sperm, and the convenience of the bag mouth and cover further enhances its usability. Finally, the standard gradient design ensures compatibility with different vas deferens sizes, allowing it to be used in a variety of breeding scenarios.

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