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SDAI05 Artificial Insemination Sheath-PP Pipe

Short Description:

The protective cover AI sheath of the animal Artificial insemination gun is a special protective sheath specially designed for the animal Artificial insemination gun. These sheaths play a crucial role in maintaining the sterility and integrity of insemination equipment and ensuring the safety and effectiveness of animal reproductive procedures.

  • Material: PP tube
  • Size: OD¢4 X L443mm
  • Description: 20 pieces with one polybag,1,000 pieces with export carton.
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    The main function of the AI sheath is to provide a protective barrier between the sperm gun and the animal reproductive tract. They are usually made of non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and tear or puncture resistant medical grade materials. These qualities are crucial for preventing any potential contamination or damage during the insemination process. The AI sheath is specially designed to be securely installed on the insemination gun, forming a tight seal. This can prevent any external pollutants (such as bacteria or viruses) from entering the animal's reproductive system. By maintaining a sterile environment, the sheath minimizes the risk of infection and ensures the highest level of safety during surgery. In addition, the design of the AI sheath is also very convenient. They are usually pre lubricated to facilitate smooth insertion and minimize animal discomfort. The sheath also has markings or indicators to help guide the operator to ensure proper placement and alignment during insemination. In addition to its protective function, AI sheaths also have various practical advantages. They are disposable, which means they can be easily discarded after each use, thereby reducing the risk of cross contamination.

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    The use of disposable sheaths can also save time and effort in cleaning and disinfecting insemination equipment, making the entire process more efficient. In general, AI sheath is an important part of animal Artificial insemination process. By providing protective barriers and maintaining sterility, these sheaths ensure safe and successful reproductive processes. Their ease of use, disposable nature, and versatility make them an indispensable tool for breeders and veterinarians to improve animal genetics and breeding practices.

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