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SDAI09 Artificial Insemination Semen Tube

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Using semen toothpaste tubes made of medical grade polyethylene has several advantages in terms of storing and maintaining sperm motility. The material effectively protects sperm from environmental factors that may cause reduced motility or damage. This ensures that the semen maintains its quality and potency for a longer period of time, increasing the chances of a successful insemination. The semen volume scale on the tube makes it easy for breeders to determine the exact amount of semen being used. This precision is important to ensure accurate insemination and optimize breeding results.

  • Material: PE  
  • Size: 80ml,100ml is available
  • Packing: Color blue,red,green etc is available.
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    Additionally, the scale allows breeders to monitor and track semen usage, which is invaluable for record keeping and analysis purposes. The reinforced design at the bottom of the tube enhances its usability. This feature makes it easier to handle during insemination, preventing accidental spills or waste. The reinforced bottom also adds stability, allowing the tube to stand upright on the vas catheter. This further simplifies the insemination procedure and ensures a safe and hygienic process. The toothpaste tube shape is specially designed to prevent accumulation or stratification of sperm inside the tube. The wider cross-section creates an optimal storage environment, ensuring spermatozoa remain evenly distributed and minimizing the risk of clumping or degradation. This design feature is critical to maintaining sperm quality and motility during transport and storage. Temperature control is critical to maintaining the integrity of semen. The overall design of the semen toothpaste tubes promotes good air circulation between the tubes, which helps regulate and maintain proper storage temperatures. This feature is particularly advantageous when using automated packaging systems as it ensures consistent and optimal storage conditions for semen. The hose wall design of the semen toothpaste tube offers practical benefits during insemination. The softness and elasticity of the tube wall are conducive to the contraction and siphon of the sow's uterus, which improves the chance of successful insemination and the probability of fertilization. This design ensures that every drop of semen is properly absorbed by the sow, maximizing reproductive success. Additionally, the ergonomically designed twisted tube tip enhances ease of use during insemination. This feature allows the breeder to precisely control the insertion and release of the semen, ensuring that the semen is placed accurately within the sow's reproductive tract.

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    The convenience and efficiency offered by the twisted tip facilitates a fast, easy and hygienic insemination process. All in all, semen toothpaste tubes made of medical grade polyethylene offer many benefits to pig farmers. It effectively protects sperm motility, provides easy-to-read volume measurements, and features a reinforced bottom design for increased usability. The shape of the tube prevents sperm buildup and is designed for excellent temperature control during shipping and storage. The soft tube walls, twisted tip and reinforced bottom enhance the insemination process and ensure a fast, easy and hygienic procedure.

    Packing:10 pieces with one polybag,1,000 pieces with export carton

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