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SDAI04 Deep Intra Catheter For Pig Insemination

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The pig Artificial insemination deep intracavitary catheter is a cutting-edge device specially designed for pig Artificial insemination. This advanced catheter is carefully designed to penetrate deeply into the reproductive tract, enabling accurate and successful insemination of pigs. This catheter is designed with the highest precision and is customized to meet the unique anatomical needs of pigs. Its length and diameter are carefully calibrated to ensure optimal performance and ease of use.

  • Material: PE tube,ABS tip and PVC cap.
  • Size: OD¢4X L731mm
  • Description: Transparent or blue tube, Transparent or blue tip,and yellow cap is available.
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     The thin and flexible structure allows for smooth insertion, minimizing discomfort in animals and promoting the fertilization process. One of the main advantages of this catheter is its deep internal function. Its design goal is to reach the cervix and even the uterus, allowing semen to accurately deposit where needed. This deep penetration brings sperm closer to the fallopian tube (where eggs are usually released), thereby improving the chances of fertilization. The structure of the catheter is made of advanced materials that are bio safe and durable. The medical grade materials used in its production are carefully selected to ensure compatibility with pig reproductive tissues and minimize the risk of adverse reactions. In addition, its sturdy structure ensures the lifespan of the catheter, making it an economical and efficient choice for multiple insemination surgeries.

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    The smooth surface of the catheter is also easy to clean and disinfect, ensuring proper hygiene during each use. Pig artificial intelligence deep lumen catheter is an indispensable tool for pig farmers, veterinarians, and artificial intelligence researchers. Its in-depth internal functions, combined with its anatomical customized design and user-friendly features, make it an important tool for improving the success rate of pig breeding plans and overall reproductive outcomes. In summary, the deep internal catheter used for pig insemination is a top-level device that can achieve precise deep insemination of pigs. This catheter, with its innovative design, precise structure, and user-friendly functions, ensures efficiency, reliability, and improved reproductive outcomes, ultimately benefiting the pig industry and contributing to the progress of pig genetic improvement projects.

    Packing:5 pieces with one polybag,1,000 pieces with export carton. 

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