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SDAI07 Artificial Insemination Gun with lock

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The precise release and quantitative control of semen with the lock veterinary insemination gun significantly improves the chance of successful conception. The device optimizes fertilization conditions by delivering semen into the sow’s reproductive tract at the right speed and pressure. Traditional manual insemination methods often lack the precision and consistency offered by lockable veterinary insemination guns, resulting in lower conception rates and fewer fertilized eggs.

  • Material: stainless steel
  • Size: OD¢4.5X L 455mm
  • Packing: Each pieces with one polybag,100 pieces with export carton.
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    By ensuring higher conception rates, breeders can speed up breeding programs and achieve their desired genetic goals more efficiently. Reduce the risk of infectious diseases: The sealed and locked design of the veterinary insemination gun prevents the semen from being contaminated by pathogens and reduces the risk of transmitting infectious diseases between animals. During insemination, the semen is kept isolated from the external environment, minimizing the potential intrusion of harmful microorganisms. This helps keep the herd healthy and safe by preventing the spread of disease from one animal to another. By minimizing the spread of infectious diseases, breeders can ensure the overall health of their livestock and protect their investment. Improve work efficiency and save cost: The use of lockable veterinary insemination gun simplifies the artificial insemination process, thus improving efficiency and reducing costs. The device allows precise control over the release and use of semen, minimizing waste and errors. Not only does this save valuable resources, it also reduces the need for additional labor. Additionally, the locking veterinary insemination gun facilitates a faster, safer procedure, allowing breeders to increase the number of animals that can be inseminated in a given amount of time, maximizing productivity and profitability. 


    Facilitates genetic improvement: Veterinary insemination guns with locks allow veterinarians and breeders to select high-quality breeding pigs for insemination, which is critical for genetic improvement. By collecting high-quality semen from genetically superior boars and using it in a locking insemination gun for insemination, breeders can ensure more high-quality offspring. This contributes to the continuous enhancement of desirable traits in cultured species, ultimately improving overall yield and quality. Using a lockable veterinary insemination gun enables breeders to make strategic breeding choices and simplify their genetic improvement programs. To sum up, the veterinary insemination gun with lock has multiple advantages for effective conception, disease prevention, efficiency improvement and genetic improvement in animal breeding. Its precise and controlled release of semen, combined with its airtight design, contributes to improved conception rates, reduced risk of disease, increased work efficiency, and the ability to drive genetic progress. Incorporating this equipment into the livestock breeding process can lead to significant improvements in breeding results, productivity and animal welfare.

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