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How to solve the problem of cows eating metal?

Cattle feeding on grass often accidentally ingest metal foreign objects (such as nails, wires) or other sharp foreign objects mixed in. These foreign objects entering the reticulum can cause perforation of the reticulum wall, accompanied by peritonitis. If they penetrate the septum muscle and cause infection in the pericardium, traumatic pericarditis can occur.


So how to determine foreign bodies in the cow's stomach?
1. Observe the posture of the cow and see if it has changed its standing posture. It prefers to maintain a high front and low back position. When lying still, it mostly lies horizontally on the right side, with the head and neck bent on the chest and abdomen.
2. Observe the behavior of the cattle. When the cattle are listless, appetite is reduced, and chewing is weak, it should be less. Sometimes the liquid with foam will flow out from the mouth, and pseudo vomiting will occur, and intermittent rumen will also occur. Swelling and food accumulation, abdominal pain and restlessness, occasionally looking back on the abdomen or kicking the abdomen with the hind foot.
When there is a foreign body in the cow's stomach, timely treatment is necessary. If not treated in time, the sick cow will become extremely thin and die. The traditional treatment method is abdominal surgery, which is highly traumatic for cows and is generally not recommended.
When a foreign body is diagnosed in the cow's stomach, a cow's stomach metal detector can be used to gently move the rumen area of the cow's external gastric network to see if there is any metal.

Treatment methods for metal foreign bodies
1. Conservative therapy
Antibiotic treatment lasts for 5-7 days to prevent and treat peritonitis caused by foreign bodies. A magnetic iron cage is placed in the stomach, and with the cooperation of gastric peristalsis, iron containing foreign bodies can be slowly sucked into the cage and have a therapeutic effect.


2. Treatment of Cattle Stomach Iron Extractor
The cow stomach iron extractor consists of an iron extractor, an opener, and a feeder. It can smoothly and safely remove iron nails, wires, and other iron filings from the cow's stomach, effectively preventing and treating diseases such as traumatic reticulogastritis, pericarditis, and pleurisy, and reducing the mortality rate of cows.


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Post time: Mar-15-2024