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SD02 Reusable Live Capture Mouse Cage

Short Description:

1. Fully Re-usable can be baited and used many times

2. Completely safe, no spring action, poisons, glue

3.  Easy to use

4. Designed for the humane capture and removal of mice

5. Ideal for indoors or outdoor use

  • Size: 23*6.5*6.5cm
  • Weight: Blue
  • Material: 152g
  • Material: PP 
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    Mouse Trap is fully reuseable, can be baited and used many times, completely safe, no spring action, poisons, glue, easy to use, sanitary and designed for the humane capture and removal of mice.

    Reusable mouse traps are an efficient, user-friendly solution for catching and exterminating mice. This innovative mousetrap stands out for its various key features that make it safe, user-friendly and effective solution to your mouse problems. First, the trap is fully reusable, allowing you to catch multiple mice with ease. Unlike traditional mousetraps that need to be reset after each use, this mousetrap is quickly and easily ready for the next catch. Its reusable nature saves you time and money, making it a cost-effective choice for long-term mouse control. Also, traps prioritize safety. It does not rely on springs or any potentially dangerous mechanisms that could harm humans or pets. Its safe and rugged design ensures that accidental triggering and injuries are minimized, providing peace of mind for families with children or pets. 

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    Plus, the trap uses no toxic substances or adhesive glues. Its operating mechanism allows rats to easily enter the trap, be safely captured, and then safely released outdoors or transferred to a designated disposal container. This method ensures a humane and ethical approach to rat eradication, avoiding unnecessary suffering or injury. The user-friendly design of this trap makes baiting and placement effortless. Its intuitive structure allows the user to quickly set the trap and adjust the sensitivity accordingly. Additionally, the clear visibility of the trap and easy access to captured mice simplifies the removal process, ensuring a hygienic and efficient experience. Overall, reusable mousetraps provide a safe, humane, and user-friendly solution for trapping and exterminating mice. Its reusable nature, absence of toxic materials, and ease of handling make it ideal for anyone looking for an effective and ethical method of mouse control.

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