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SD649 Collapsible Animal Trap

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The Collapsible Animal Trap is an animal trap with a sensitive trigger and front spring door designed to catch a variety of animals including small mammals and vermin such as mice, squirrels and rabbits. Featuring innovative design and efficient features, this trap is designed to provide a fast, safe and effective method of controlling and dealing with animal problems.

  • Dimensions: L93.5×W31×H31cm
  • Diameter: 2mm
  • Mesh: 1”X1”.
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    First, the trap is equipped with a sensitive trigger system, where the animal simply touches the pedal to activate the trigger and close the door. The design is smart enough to ensure that when animals enter the trap they cannot escape. Moreover, the sensitivity of the trigger can be adjusted as needed to suit different species and sizes of animals. In addition, the Collapsible Animal Trap adopts a collapsible design, which is convenient to carry and store. You can fold the catcher to take up little space and easy to carry indoors or outdoors. This portability makes it ideal for outdoor activities, camping, or travel, while also allowing for easy storage when not in use. Compared to other traditional animal traps, this trap has the added advantage of being equipped with a rear door. When you no longer wish to keep the animal in the trap, you can open the back door and let the animal go free. This design takes animal welfare into consideration, ensuring unnecessary distress and injury. This Collapsible Animal Trap also focuses on safety. It is made of strong and durable material, which has excellent resistance to pressure, ensuring that the trap will not break or be damaged during use. Additionally, this trap is designed to minimize the risk of accidental triggering and injury, making it especially suitable for households with small children and pets.

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    SD649 Collapsible Animal Trap (1)

    Finally, this Collapsible Animal Trap is very simple and easy to use. Users only need to read the concise operation guide and follow the correct operation steps, then they can easily set the trap and carry out the capture work. The transparent design of the trap allows you to see the captured animals clearly for subsequent processing. In summary, the Collapsible Animal Trap is a collapsible animal trap equipped with a sensitive trigger and a front spring door, designed to provide an efficient, safe and humane solution to control and deal with various animal problems. Its foldable design is easy to carry and store for flexibility and convenience. At the same time, it also considers the welfare of animals and the safety of users, making it an ideal choice for dealing with animal problems.

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