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SDAC02 Arm length Gloves-Bevel

Short Description:

Non tearing and durable: These long sleeved disposable gloves are made of thick, environmentally friendly materials. Durable and sturdy, suitable for any situation, with sufficient thickness to effectively prevent leakage and damage, you can use it with confidence.

Size details: gloves are sufficient for additional coverage and use; You don’t have to worry about rubbing your arms against anything that may have stains, keep your clothes and body clean and safe.

  • Material: 60%EVA+40%PE
  • Size: 820-920mm
  • Color: orange or others is available
  • Package: 100pcs/box,10boxes/carton.
  • Carton size: 51×29.5×18.5cm
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    Product Introduction

    Disposable details of long arm gloves: The gloves have good toughness, softness and breathability, are sturdy and durable, have no holes or leaks, have a comfortable and smooth feel, are easy to wear, have good quality, are not easy to tear, are well made, and are very suitable for veterinary examination.

    Disposable veterinary long arm gloves are suitable for a variety of scenarios that require manipulation, care or handling of animals. For example, in veterinary clinics or animal hospitals, veterinarians can wear these gloves to perform vaccinations, surgery, wound management and other operations to protect themselves and animals. Additionally, at wildlife conservation centers, staff can use the gloves for wildlife rescue, feeding, cleaning, and more to minimize stress and injury to animals. This glove can also be used in animal breeding, animal experiments and other fields to provide a safer and hygienic operating environment and effectively prevent cross-infection and disease transmission. In conclusion, disposable veterinary long arm gloves are an important tool for protecting animals and protecting human health.

    Arm length Gloves-Bevel
    Arm length Gloves

    Advantages of Using Disposable Long Arm Gloves for Animal Handling Protection: Disposable long arm gloves provide operators with additional protection when interacting with animals, especially those that may bite, scratch or carry disease. The extended length of the glove covers the arm, reducing the risk of direct contact and potential injury. Hygiene: One of the main advantages of using disposable gloves is maintaining a high level of hygiene. These gloves are designed for single use, eliminating the risk of cross-contamination between animals or between animals and humans. This is especially important when handling sick or injured animals, as the spread of pathogens must be minimized.

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