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SDAC11 Veterinary surgery disposable chrome Catgut

Short Description:

Types of Needle Shape:

1/2circle (8mm-60mm)

3/8circle (8mm-60mm)

5/8circle (8mm-60mm)

Straight Cutting (30mm- 90mm)

  • Material: Composed by purified animal intestines(cattle and sheep)
  • Construction: Monofilament, Smooth Suture Surface
  • Absorption: Absorb by protease decomposition
  • Package: 1pc/alu.foil bag, 12pcs/box, 50boxes/carton.
  • Carton size: 31×29×33cm
  • Diameters of sutures: USP6/0-2#
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    Chromic Catgut is a chrome catgut specially designed for use by veterinarians during suturing procedures on animals. The following will describe the product in detail in terms of materials, characteristics, advantages and uses. First off, Chromic Catgut is made from high-quality sheep intestines. Gut is a naturally absorbent thread material that has the advantage of being bioabsorbable. This means that it will be gradually decomposed and absorbed by the biological enzymes in the animal body, without the need to remove the stitches, reducing the discomfort and pain of the animal. Second, the Chromic Catgut is treated with chromium salts, which enhances its strength and durability. This treatment makes the catgut tougher and less prone to breakage, ensuring the stability and reliability of the suture during the operation. In addition, Chromic Catgut has good biocompatibility. The materials and manufacturing process of chrome gut are carefully selected and processed to minimize irritation and physical discomfort to animal tissues. It can be well combined with tissues in animals, reducing complications such as incision dehiscence and infection. In addition, Chromic Catgut is suitable for suture surgery of various animals. 

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    Whether it is small animals or large animals, such as dogs, cats, horses, etc., this catgut can be used for suturing. It can be used for wound closure, internal tissue suturing and postoperative wound healing, very comprehensive and multifunctional. Finally, the Chromic Catgut is easy to use and operate. This gut can be used in traditional hand suture techniques and is also compatible with modern suturing machinery. Doctors and veterinarians can choose different suturing methods and wire specifications according to specific surgical needs to ensure the effect of surgery and the firmness of sutures. In general, Chromic Catgut is a specially made chrome catgut for use by veterinarians in suturing surgery on animals. Its advantages are strong texture, bioabsorbable, durable and good biocompatibility. It can be widely used in various animal operations, and can help veterinarians successfully complete suturing tasks and promote rapid wound healing.

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