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SDAC10 Non woven self-adhesive bandage

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Non-woven self-adhesive bandages for animals are a common medical product, designed to provide protection and fixation bandage products for animals. It is characterized by the use of non-woven material, which is self-adhesive and easy to use and operate. The following will describe this product in terms of material characteristics, uses, advantages and scope of application. First of all, non-woven material is one of the main materials of this bandage.

  • Material: non-woven fabric
  • Size: L4m×W10cm
  • Color: can customized
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    It is made of fibers through a non-woven process, which is soft, breathable, and hygroscopic, and is very suitable for use on animals. The non-woven material has a certain degree of elasticity and stretchability, which can effectively fix the wound and wrap the injured part, and give the animal a sense of comfort. Secondly, non-woven self-adhesive bandages are often used for wound dressing and immobilization of animals. It can be used for dressing wounds of all sizes, including scrapes, cuts and burns. The bandage is self-adhesive and can stick to itself without additional fixing materials, which is convenient for animals to use and fix. During the wound dressing process, the non-woven self-adhesive bandage can effectively cover the wound and prevent infection and external pollution. In addition, the non-woven self-adhesive bandage has a certain degree of air permeability. It allows air to pass through the bandage to maintain proper ventilation of the wound and speed up wound healing and recovery. At the same time, the hygroscopicity of the non-woven self-adhesive bandage also helps to remove secretions from the wound and keep the wound clean and dry. Compared with traditional bandages, non-woven self-adhesive bandages have better adhesion and fixation. It can be firmly adhered to the animal's body surface and not easy to fall off, avoiding the trouble of frequent bandage replacement. In addition, its softness and adaptability allow the bandage to conform to the shape of the animal, providing better protection and immobilization. 

    SDAC10 Non woven self-adhesive bandage (2)
    SDAC10 Non woven self-adhesive bandage (3)

    Non-woven self-adhesive bandages are ideal for a variety of animals, including pets, farm animals, and wild animals. It can be widely used in places such as veterinary clinics, farms and wildlife rescue centers. This kind of bandage plays an important role in trauma treatment, postoperative immobilization and rehabilitation care, etc., and can effectively protect the wound from further deterioration and infection. Overall, non-woven self-adhesive bandages for animals are a convenient, practical and comfortable medical product. It has the characteristics of non-woven material, reliably fixes the wound, is convenient to use, and has a wide range of applications. It not only plays an important role in clinical medicine, but also an important tool for protecting and caring for animal health.

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