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SDAC04 Veterinary nitrile gloves

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Non tearing and durable: These long sleeved disposable gloves are made of thick, environmentally friendly materials. Durable and sturdy, suitable for any situation, with sufficient thickness to effectively prevent leakage and damage, you can use it with confidence.

Size details: gloves are sufficient for additional coverage and use; You don’t have to worry about rubbing your arms against anything that may have stains, keep your clothes and body clean and safe.

  • Material: NITRILE
  • Size: transparent, blue etc.
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    According to Progressive Dairyman, gloves have experienced increased usage in this industry over the past ten years. This is because of a need for improved worker and animal health - not to mention, a desire to produce higher-quality milk. In fact, nearly 50 percent of all dairy farms use gloves because of these reasons.

    •Cleaner milk due to less bacteria transferred from hands to the milk, as the bacteria does not adhere to the nitrile as easily as to the crevices of your hands

    •Protection against repeated exposure to teat dips

    •Superior resistance to iodine used to prevent contamination between cows, a resistance not found with latex gloves

    Dairy farmers have noticed that this sanitary equipment is crucial for dairy farms. If cows are infected, it means they will lose their income. If an infection (pathogen) spreads between cows, the problem will become even worse. Dairy farms should ensure the storage of nitrile gloves to obtain protective barriers, rather than producing low-quality milk and losing profits.

    Veterinary nitrile gloves
    NITRILE Glove


     1. It has excellent organic chemical resistance, and has good organic chemical safety protection against corrosive chemicals such as organic solvents and crude oil.

     2. Good physical properties, good resilience, scratch resistance, good wear resistance.

     3. Comfortable style, according to the humanized design scheme, the palm is bent and the fingers are bent, making it comfortable to wear and conducive to blood circulation.

     4. No protein. Hydroxyl chemicals and their harmful substances rarely cause skin allergies.

     5. The dissolution time is short, the solution is convenient, and it is conducive to environmental protection.

     6. It does not contain silicon and has certain antistatic properties.

     7. The surface organic chemical residue is low, the positive ion component is low, and the particle component is small, which is suitable for the natural environment of the clean room.

    Package: 100pcs/box,10boxes/carton

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