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SDAC08 Veterinary disposable Sterile Scalpel

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Sterile Scalpel is a disposable scalpel specially designed for veterinary surgery, it is highly hygienic and precise cutting ability. Hygiene and accuracy are paramount in veterinary surgery, and this disposable scalpel was designed with those needs in mind. First of all, Sterile Scalpel is made of high-quality stainless steel material, which ensures the strength and durability of the blade.

  • Material: stainless steel surgical blades with plastic handle
  • Size: No. 10, 11, 12, 14, 15, 18, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25.
  • Thickness: 1piece/Alu.foil bag, 100pcs/box, 5,000pcs/carton. 
  • Carton size: 38.5×20.5×15.5cm
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    Stainless steel is a corrosion-resistant material that resists a range of disinfectants, ensuring the hygiene of the scalpel. Each Sterile Scalpel has been strictly sterilized to ensure that it has reached a sterile state before use. Second, the blades of the Sterile Scalpel are precisely designed to provide highly accurate cuts. Whether performing minor procedures on small animals or deep cuts in larger animals, this scalpel delivers the cutting precision and power needed. The sharpness and cutting performance of the blades are finely machined and tuned to ensure the best surgical results. The disposable design of Sterile Scalpel ensures hygienic and safe operation. Each scalpel is strictly packaged and sterilized before use to ensure that no bacteria or infection is introduced during the procedure. The use of disposable scalpels can also reduce the risk of cross-infection, because each scalpel is individually packaged and used, avoiding the risk of infection that may be caused by multiple uses. 

    Veterinary disposable Sterile Scalpel

     In addition, Sterile Scalpel is also easy to use and operate. It is ergonomically designed with a comfortable knife grip and provides good hand control to ensure precise and steady cutting. Its light weight allows for long-lasting use during surgery without causing fatigue. All in all, the Sterile Scalpel is a high-quality disposable scalpel designed for veterinary surgery. It offers excellent hygiene, precise cutting capabilities and ease of use. For veterinarians and veterinary assistants, this scalpel is a reliable and critical tool that ensures hygienic and accurate procedures for optimal surgical results. Sterile Scalpel is an indispensable choice for the success of veterinary procedures and the health of animals.

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