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SDSN08 50ml Plastic Steel Veterinary Syringe Without/With Dose Nut

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The Plastic Steel Veterinary Syringe is a high-quality veterinary syringe that offers exceptional functionality and convenience. Each syringe is carefully packaged in a single mid-box for easy portability and storage. What’s more, each package also comes with a gasket accessory for extra protection and stability. A gasket is a small but important fitting that fits between the plunger and barrel of a syringe. They play a key role in sealing and stabilizing the operation of the syringe. When the syringe is used, the plunger moves and pushes the drug into the animal.

  • Color: Barrel TPX or PC is available
  • Description: Color of plastic piston,cover and handle are available .Ruhr-lock adapter  
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    Gaskets can help maintain the integrity of medications, prevent leaks, and ensure proper functioning of syringes. Plus, they provide extra stability and less inconvenience while in use. These gasket-equipped syringes are ideal for a variety of situations in which animals inject drugs. Whether it's a farm, veterinary clinic, or individual home, all can benefit from the reliability and portability of this veterinary syringe. The syringes are packaged in such a way that they are easy to carry and store, making them readily available for physicians, veterinary technicians and animal owners when needed. In addition, this veterinary syringe is made of durable plastic steel material to ensure a long service life. 

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    The plastic-steel material is resistant to corrosion and chemicals, making it able to withstand various environments and drugs. The syringe is designed with a non-slip handle that provides a firm grip for precise and safe injections. All in all, the Plastic Steel Veterinary Syringe is a reliable and portable veterinary syringe. Each syringe is equipped with a gasket accessory for extra protection and stability. Whether used on the farm, in the veterinary clinic or in the home environment, this syringe has what you need. Durable polysteel material and non-slip handle design make it an easy-to-use and long-lasting choice. Whether you are a veterinary professional or an animal owner, this syringe is for you.
    Sterilizable : -30°C-120°C
    Package:Each piece with middle box,100 pieces with export carton

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