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SDSN17 Continuous syringe G-type

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Continuous syringe G is a convenient and easy-to-use continuous syringe with a top-insert drug bottle design, making drug injection more convenient and efficient. This continuous syringe is manufactured with high quality materials ensuring its durability and reliability. An insertion port is designed on the top of the syringe, which can be easily inserted into the drug bottle, ensuring a stable connection and sealing. This design eliminates the problems of drug leakage and waste common in traditional syringes and ensures accurate injection of drugs.

  • Material: Nylon
  • Description: Ruhr- lock adaptor.
  • Sterilizable: -30℃-130℃
  • Specification: 0.02ml-1ml continuous and adjustable-1ml 0.1ml-2ml continuous and adjustable-2ml 0.2ml-3ml continuous and adjustable-3ml 0.2ml-5ml continuous and adjustable-5ml 0.2ml-6ml continuous and adjustable-6ml
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    Injecting with the Continuous syringe G is very easy. Simply insert the vial of medication to be injected into the top insertion port, and set the injection dose as desired. The syringe is equipped with graduated marks, which is convenient for the user to accurately control the injection volume of the drug. The joystick of the syringe is carefully designed to be easy and flexible to ensure the convenience of operation. Continuous syringe G type also has adjustable injection volume, which can meet the injection needs of different drugs and different animals. Whether it is a veterinary clinic or an animal farm, the syringe can be adapted to the needs of different scenarios. In addition to being convenient and easy to use, the Continuous syringe G is easy to clean and sterilize. The syringe is designed to be easily disassembled, making cleaning easier and more efficient. Thorough cleaning with antiseptic solution and water will ensure the hygiene and safety of the syringe. This ensures the sterility and safety of the injection process and minimizes the risk of cross-infection. Overall, Continuous syringe G is a convenient and practical continuous syringe. Its top-insert drug bottle design makes drug injection more convenient and efficient. It is carefully designed with adjustable injection volume and precise scale lines to meet different injection needs.


    At the same time, their durability and ease of cleaning make the syringe ideal for veterinarians and animal owners. Whether in veterinary clinics or animal farms, Continuous syringe G can perform excellent functions and provide a convenient injection experience.

    Packing: Each piece with middle box,100 pieces with export carton.

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